Secured Question Paper Management System

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Secured Question Paper Management System

S. M. Tawhidur Rahman, Md. Nashif Iftekhar, Rashedul Alam, S. M. Raihan Gafur, Dip Nandi


Journal Info: AIUB Journal of Science and Engineering.vol 20,Issue 1, 2021

Abstract: The examination is one of the essential parts of the student’s life. After learning from an institution, the students must attend and pass various types of examinations to get their certificates. In this process, sometimes students try to pass the examination by answering the leaked questions. From the beginning of making the question papers to delivering them to the students is now at stake in the existing question management system due to question leakage. So, the traditional way of managing the question papers needs to be changed so that it can stop the leakage of question papers. To secure the question papers and making a trustworthy, physical existence free, and affordable a system is proposed in this paper. To design this model, we have used the concept of Blockchain, Digital Signature, Randomization, OTAC.

Keywords: Blockchain, Digital Signature, Hash, Encryption, Decryption, OTAC, Randomization.

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