User Awareness for Securing Social Networks

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User Awareness for Securing Social Networks

Abhijit Bhowmik, S. M. Raihan Gafur, Abrar Rafid, Saiful Azad, Mufti Mahmud, M. Shamim Kaiser


It is a chapter of a book named Securing Social Networks in Cyberspace

Abstract: Social networking sites have become a daily part of human life. people worldwide use them regularly to interact with each other and stay updated on the most recent news. however, the increasing use of these sites also results in several caveats concerning the security authorities worldwide. one of these concerns is the lack of user awareness, one of the primary reasons behind many recent attacks on social networking sites. while using any of these sites, the users are often required to provide some information, so that website admins can check their user’s validity. most of the time, the users have control over this information to decide the audience of their shared data. however, due to a lack of awareness, many users do not look over these privacy settings and end up sharing confidential data publicly. this chapter discusses the significance of user awareness to secure social networking networks within cyberspace.

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